About SlashNET

SlashNET is an independently-operated IRC network. Originally sponsored by Slashdot, in 1999 SlashNET split-off to become its own entity. While you may recognize the nicknames of some Slashdot editors, and meet many Slashdot readers and contributors, we are neither a SourceForge Inc. subsidiary nor a support forum for Slashdot use.

SlashNET runs IRC Services, to facilitate nickname and channel maintenance, and the IRC server software we use, UnrealIRCD, features several enhancements over standard ircd, such as optional hostname and IP address cloaking to help protect you from denial of service attacks. The help section answers some frequently asked questions about using these features.

As you may notice while looking through this site, SlashNET integrates live IRC data and Services registration data into the site, giving each user, channel, and server on the network a unique information page. This system also allows users to log in using their Services primary nickname and password to edit profile information listed on user pages.

Several communities and projects maintain an IRC presence at SlashNET, including Penny Arcade Expo, Penny Arcade Forums, Everything, Gunblogger Conspiracy, MetaFilter, DigitalMZX, Nations@War, Vendetta Online, TwitterPonies, Lockpicking 101, Mirrorshades, Arcade Otaku, and the original IRC idle RPG, #g7. We invite your community or organization to find a home on our network as well.

Network Status and News

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