How long does it take a channel registration to expire?

When a channel goes unused for 30 days, ChanServ will expire the channel. The channel and all data associated with it will be purged from ChanServ's database. When this happens, the channel founder is no longer owner of the channel and the channel is available for registration again.

A channel is deemed unused when certain activities are not happening. Every time an auto-op takes place in a channel, the idle "timer" on the channel resets. This activity is currently the only means by which ChanServ determines whether a channel is active or not.

WARNING: If you are a channel founder who prefers to not use auto-op, and instead use the OP command when necessary, you will need to maintain at least one nickname with auto-op access, and you will need to deop yourself when joining if you do not wish to retain channel operator status. Without an auto-op taking place once every 30 days, your channel's ChanServ registration WILL expire.

ALSO NOTE: NickServ and ChanServ are closely linked. If the NickServ nickname registration listed as FOUNDER of any channel expires, the ChanServ channel registration will expire unless there is a SUCCESSOR listed in the channel's ChanServ registration. To set a channel successor, use ChanServ's SET SUCCESSOR command

/MSG ChanServ HELP SET SUCCESSOR [nickname]
For more information on how and when nickname registrations with NickServ expire, please see the FAQ entry "How long does it take for a nickname to expire with NickServ?".

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