What are the general rules on SlashNET?

The basic rules that SlashNET enforces are as follows:

  1. Harassment, as discriminated by administrators, of users and/or IRC Operators is not permitted.
  2. A single user may not have more than THREE simultaneous connections to SlashNET (even if from different hostmasks).
  3. No flooding or nuking of any kind.
  4. No harmful scripts or bots, such as link-lookers, flooders, and advertisers.
  5. Treat users with respect.
  6. Do not abuse network services.

And also remember that use of SlashNET is a privilege, not a right. The administrators of each server and of the network reserve the right to deny access to any user at any time without notice. Treat SlashNET with respect if you wish the service to continue to be offered.

For additional information about rules, please consult the Message of the Day on the SlashNET server you connect to. To do this, issue the /MOTD command.

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