How do I recover a lost NickServ password?

All nicknames registered on SlashNET should have a working e-mail address associated with them. You should have supplied the e-mail address when registering the nickname, or when first using the nickname after our conversion to the new IRC Services.

Due to changes in the way IRC Services works, the sending of your plain-text password over email is no longer supported. In order to recover your password, use the following:

/msg NickServ REAUTH

Services will then send an authentication code to your registered email address (just as it did when you first registered). Once you have authenticated your nickname, you may use

/msg NickServ SET PASSWORD [newpassword]

to change your password. If your e-mail address has changed or you do not receive an e-mail, things can get more difficult. In this situation, please contact an IRC operator on SlashNET for assistance. Try looking in the #help channel.

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